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a man sitting at a desk with a laptop and a laptop editing drone video of aeroxone compnay
a man sitting at a desk with a laptop and a laptop editing drone video of aeroxone compnay

About us

Aeroxone Media is one of the Best Aerial Photography & Videography service providers based in Hyderabad.

Aeroxone is an agency specializing in the use of groundbreaking digital technology. We are a pioneer in Professional Drone Photography and Videography. Our specialty includes still images, interactive 360° panoramas and aerial videos shot through the latest cameras and industrial drones. We are passionate about the Real-Estate and Hospitality sector. Our aim is to innovate continuously and serve the best products that enhance the experience of your properties.

We bring photography and technology together, to create premium quality, high-definition, and enriching user experiences. We are proud to say that we are amongst the first to create, virtual tours, immersive 360-degree panoramic photographs, high-definition aerial videos, and virtual reality-based interactive media for various business sectors. The gamut of projects done by us has made Aeroxone an experienced, recognized, and trusted rich media company with over 12 years of industry work experience.

Our professionalism and passion are the cornerstones of all the things we do. Aeroxone is also providing interactive solutions for the tourism industry, primary industries, journalism, and sports media agencies.

To know more about AeroXone media you can write to us at contact@aeroxone.com

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